Top 10 best programmer in 2024

The top 10 best programmers will be in 2024.

However, here are some top programmers who have made significant contributions to the field of computer science and software development in recent years:

  1. Linus Torvalds – Creator of the Linux operating system.

  2. John Resig – Creator of the jQuery library and a leading JavaScript developer.

  3. Guido van Rossum – Creator of the Python programming language.

  4. Anders Hejlsberg – Creator of the C# programming language.

  5. Bjarne Stroustrup – Creator of the C++ programming language.

  6. Yukihiro Matsumoto – Creator of the Ruby programming language.

  7. Brendan Eich – Creator of the JavaScript programming language.

  8. James Gosling – Creator of the Java programming language.

  9. Rasmus Lerdorf – Creator of the PHP programming language.

  10. Martin Odersky – Creator of the Scala programming language.

These programmers have a long track record of creating and contributing to popular programming languages and software systems, and they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in software development.

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